Suncellmusic is danish band, founded in 2012 by Alan Petersen (producer/lyricist) and Stig Pedersen (guitar/vocals).

Alan decided in 2012 to write and then produce a song. It was called Windmill, which also became the band's logo. But there is no singer. He calls his longtime friend Stig and hears if he would. Without hesitation, Stig says yes. The music video was with the Windmill in focus. He is inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, the Eagles, and Bronsky Beat.

In thick and thin, Stig's guitar has been his constant companion, which has inspired him to write lyrics for many songs that have not yet been released. With his singing voice, Stig has melted many hearts with his slightly melancholy expression. Stig is inspired by, among others, Tim Christensen, Beatles, Neil Young.

Suncellmusic became a reality.